Mystery Sale!

by Dye Mad Yarns



How this works:

"Bundle" in this instance means they are all the same color, so our "DK Bundles (4 Skeins)" would mean all four skeins are the same colorway. 

"Chaos Dip" is a GET WHAT YOU GET - nothing matches, it's all a game. 

In this mystery sale, it's a mix of test dyes, shop exclusives we're discontinuing, overstock, discontinued colors, reprOH, spooky Ohio, music colors, and more. Unless otherwise noted, these are all in perfect condition. If there's a color family you HATE, please make a note at check out and we'll try to accommodate where we're able to

Every order includes a free mini skein, too. :D

Please don't add other colors or items to your order with the mystery sale - we're trying to have as quick a turnaround as possible on shipping these, and adding colors from our catalogue can add time to your order. Feel free to add colors from the Last Chance section though! 

Thanks for another wonderful year, folks! It's been a ride!