Picket Twine Mini Skein Set

by Dye Mad Yarns


We here at Dye Mad Yarns value workers and their labor, and while "we" are an individual, we believe in solidarity with workers the world over. So, as a reflection of that solidarity, we have put together an ongoing fundraiser for strike funds for striking workers we're calling Picket Twine (as in, "Don't Cross the Picket Line" but a yarn pun). Picket Twine will change colors with the strike fund we're supporting at the moment, and our third Picket Twine of 2022 is in support of the Columbus Education Association. 

On July 28, the school board walked away from the bargaining table and since that time has refused to agree to contract language that will guarantee Columbus students basics like air conditioning, appropriate class sizes, and full-time art, music, and P.E. teachers in elementary schools.

The Columbus Education Association’s bargaining team has negotiated for months in an attempt to reach an agreement, but Columbus City Schools continues to ignore the voices within our community and invest in our schools in a way that will improve learning conditions for our students.

Our teachers have been on strike since August 22, 2022. It has been almost fifty years since Columbus educators were on strike, and we are absolutely standing with them - their list of demands are absolutely reasonable, and the Columbus Board of Education should be embarrassed for not being able to meet them. 

Columbus educators and our community are fighting for:

Smaller class sizes: Teachers want the ability to focus more attention on each and every student, so that they can give individual help to everyone.
Safe buildings: Students deserve to go to school in buildings with air conditioning, good air quality, and in classrooms without leaky ceilings and paint chipping from the walls.
Well-Rounded Curriculum: They want full-time Art, Music and P.E. teachers in elementary schools so that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow.

You can read the full of their platform here

If you're interested in supporting these workers, but don't necessary want to buy any yarn, you can find the strike fund here!

Our plan here is to donate weekly-to-biweekly until the strike it over.

Picket Twine mini skein set is inspired by your basic set of crayons - semi-solids of red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Our mini skein set is only available on fingering weight, with each mini skein being 87 yards for a total of approximately 435 yards. 

Picket Twine as a clever-as-hell name suggested by Christina D!!!