Porch Goose Magnet Sheet Halloween Expansion

by Dye Mad Yarns


Whether it's sunning, drinking, socializing, decorating, or changing outfits on your goose, simple pleasures come from your front porch. Unless of course you don't have a front porch! But then, where would you put your goose?? Fear not, fair citizen! We have our... Fridge Goose! Yes, a porch goose, for your fridge! This time in Halloween clothes! Featuring a witch, a scarecrow, a Jack-o-Lantern, and Mothman outfits. Offered at a slight discount for this run because the jack-o-lantern outfit doesn't quite line up the way we want. 

Our magnet sheet is 5in x 7in and features a 2.5in tall goose with several different outfit combinations! Think of it like a paper doll, but magnetic!