IUDs of the Past Stitch Markers

by Dye Mad Yarns


New for 2024, and inspired by our visit to the Dittrick Medical Museum of History, is our collection of IUD inspired stitch markers. There have been SO many different iterations of intrauterine devices, and these were just a small sample of what we saw during our visit. We've got your standard T-shape, as well as the Lippes loop, the Dalkon shield, and some others we saw... but aren't yet sure the name of. While we are big fans of birth control in this shop, it's been a long road of missteps and downright dangers to get to where we are today. We appreciated the opportunity to gaze (sometimes with horror) at past designs that attempted to allow people to make decisions about their own fertility. 

Stitch markers are approximately 1/2" made of maple wood and are all latch backs - great for use as a crochet or knitting stitch marker OR as a pair of earrings!