Cat Cactus

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but I happen to really like cats. I have three of them, so making cat themed objects are just... something that happens. It helps when I get to make puns, too. I like to think that "Cactus" has room for a cat pun, but it really just doesn't. Cattus? Catcus? Oh well. 



He could be made into a little pin cushion, but as it stands, he's just a cute little plant on my table hanging out on my bookshelf.



  • g hook

  • 1-2 ounces Worsted Cotton Yarn, green

  • Minimal Worsted Cotton Yarn, yellow or pink (a flower color)

  • Black Embroidery Thread 

  • 10mm safety eyes

  • 2.5 inch clay pot (69 cents at Michael's, 2nd smallest size that I found)

  • Polyfil stuffing

  • yarn needle


Stitches/Abbreviations Used

  • sc - single crochet

  • flo - front loops only

  • ch - chain

  • sl st - slip stitch

  • hdc - half double crochet




Cactus Body

1. With green, chain 16. 

2. Turn and sc across. (15)

3. Turn and sc across in flo for 30 more rows. Ridges should be obvious. You may fill the need to add or subtract number of rows to fit your purchased little pot.

4. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Stitch chain row and last row together. You've created a tube!

5. Thread needle through bumps on the end of one side of the tube and pull tightly together. Weave in your green thread. It's okay if there's still a small hole - that's what the flower is there to cover up! 


Ears (make two)

1. sl st, ch 2, 4sc in 2nd ch from hook (4)

2. 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc (6)

3. 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc (8)

4. 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc (10)

5. sc around (10). Finish off.



1. With yellow (or pink, or red, etc), sl st, *ch 3, hdc in 3 ch from hook, sl st in same space* repeat four times. FO leaving a tail to attach to top of cactus.


Attach ears and flower to your Catcus. Set your safety eyes and embroider the face. Stuff firmly. Decide if you want to close the bottom of your cactus to make it a little throwable cactus cat. Decide against it (at least I did). Insert into pot. Sit back and admire how adorable your work is. Yay, cactus cat!

Cat Cactus