Louise's Hat (Bob's Burger)

So, I'm a big fan of Bob's Burgers, which is a show on Fox that stars a man named Bob who owns a burger restaurant and his family. His daughter, Louise, always wear a pink bunny eared hat. There's actually an episode revolving around Louise having a bully who steals her hat and how she fights to get it back. She's somewhat terrifying.


Worsted Weight Yarn in Pink (I used Hobby Lobby's 'I love this Yarn')

Yarn Needle

H Hook

Pipe Cleaners

Stitches/Abbreviations Used

sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet

hdc dec - half double crochet decrease inc - increase (two dc in one stitch)

hdc - half double crochet

sl st - slip stitch

ch - chain

*repeat around what is in the asterisks*

Ears (Make Two)

1. sl st, ch 2, then 6 sc into first st

2. inc around (12)

3-6. sc around (12)

7. *sc, inc* (18)

8-19. sc around (18)

20. *5 sc, inc* (21)

21-26. sc around (21)

27. *5 sc, invdec* (18)

28-32. sc around (18)

33. *4sc, invdec* (15)

34-37. sc around (15) Finish off.


1. Either magic ring, then 12 dc or ch 4 then 12 dc into 3rd ch from hook. Pull tight. Sl st to join.

2. Inc around (24), sl st to join

3. *dc in next stitch, then inc* (36) sl st to join.

4. *dc in next two stitches, then inc* (48) sl st to join 

5. *dc in next three stitches, then inc* (60) sl st to join

6. dc around

7. *dc in next four stitches, then inc* (72) sl st to join.

I usually stop increasing at this row because I like my hats a little snug. My head is 21 inches around, so if it's snug on me and you have a bigger head, you might want to do another row ;)

8 (optional). *dc in next five stitches, then inc* (84) sl st to join.

9. Continue dc around until hat reaches desired length. I typically stop when it covers the tip top of my ears. 10. *hdc around* Put the hat on your head and mark the width of how wide you'd like the ear flaps to be. Mine start about nine stitches on each side from the seam at the back of the hat.

Ear flaps(Make two, one on each side) This part is definitely not perfect, but more of a guideline as to what I did.

1. With pink, sl st into st you'd like to start the flap.

2. hdc the width of the ear flap that you'd like. Mine is 14 st across, but I'd recommend 16 st.

3-6. hdc across

7. *3 hdc, hdcdec* 3 times, then 2 hdc

8. *2 hdc, hdcdec* 3 times, then 2 hdc

9. 1 hdc, hdcdec, 1hdc, hdcdec, 1hdc 10. hdcdec, hdc, finish off. Insert two pipe cleaners into each ear and sew to hat.

It *may* be better to stuff the ears a bit to make them stay up better - it depends on what you think would work better. :)

Louise's Hat (Bob's Burger)