April '24 YOTM: Secret 420 Limp Bizkit Show at the Sunoco on Wayne Avenue

by Dye Mad Yarns


Picture this: It’s 2016. Pokemon Go has yet to come out. The world is still hopeful for things. People haven’t yet left Facebook en masse. You don’t spend too many hours every night doom scrolling on TikTok. Someone invites you to a Facebook event for a secret Limp Bizkit concert on 4/20… at the Sunoco gas station, on Wayne Avenue. In Dayton, Ohio?

This event gets so much press that the local police get involved and say it’s not true. People tweet at Fred Durst, “Is this true??” - he denies it’s happening. The gas station says nothing is happening… and yet still, hundreds of people show up to this Sunoco on Wayne Avenue to have the world’s worst 420 party. Did they do it all for the nookie? Who can say? 

It’s been eight years since this “event” and we thought it’d be fun to honor it in yarn for our April color so we named it SECRET 420 LIMP BIZKIT SHOW AT THE SUNOCO ON WAYNE AVENUE.

This yarn is dyed in colors reminiscent of the Sunoco logo, overdyed as a resist dye in black because… well. We thought it fit the bill. It’s a pain in the ass to dye, but we had fun with it. Most of our members got a sparkly yarn to add to the fun. 

BASE: Sparkle DK, 75% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% Stellina, 231 yds/100 g