by Dye Mad Yarns


And now for a completely different direction for our Zodiac series - Aries! Yes, we are back to the beginning with the first sign of the tropical Zodiac, the Ram. What could be more enticing to a bunch of yarn crafters than the Ram? Aries is ruled by Mars, giving its fiery reputation and penchant for the color red. Mars governs desires, actions, energy, passion, war, aggression, sex, and assertion, so Aries are known for boldness and ambition. It is thought that the signs are a series of lessons of the signs before them, but at the front of the Zodiac, Aries have no previous signs to learn from and therefore go boldly and blindly, with optimism. They are hardheaded but their burn is a quick one and are seen as positive, upbeat, and playful. 

In Greek Mythology, the symbol of the ram is based on the Chrysomallus, the flying ram that rescued the children of the King Athamas and provided the Golden Fleece.

Aries is also our first fire sign, both of our collection and of the Zodiac. Aries is a Cardinal sign, ushering in the new season, with Aries season beginning on the vernal equinox. While Aries is seen as impulsive and impatient, they *are* Cardinal signs, meaning they are hardworking go-getters who know better than to accept "no". With their brashness comes the willingness to burn things down and build new and better things. Aries approach to the world is not "Why?" but "Why not?" 

Aries is the epitome of fiery, but also baby. 

We take our inspiration for our Aries yarn from Iuliia Belova's illustration "The Shepherdess" it is a blend of watermelon pink, bright orange, hints of yellow and a splash of spring green with pink speckles. 


Hattie Floof: 50g, 459 yards, 72% mohair/28% silk (lace weight)
Chester Sock: 100g, 437 yards, blend of 75% superwash merino/25% nylon
Gladys Shawl: 100g, 438 yards, single ply blend of 70% superwash merino/30% silk
Tortie Sport: 100g, 287 yards, 80% alpaca/20% silk
Minnie DK: 100g, 246 yards, 100% superwash merino wool 
Genny Worsted: 100g, 191 yards, 80% superwash merino/20% alpaca
Chubby Trevor: 115g, 136 yards, 100% superwash merino
Chunky Trevor: 100g, 76 yards, 80% superwash merino/20% nylon, single ply