June '22 YOTM: Gladys & Chester

by Dye Mad Yarns


This month’s color is inspired by June 8th which is BEST FRIENDS DAY. Untwist your skein and you’ll find that what looked like one skein is actually two half skeins, to coordinate! The yellow one is called GLADYS and the blue one is called CHESTER, which are the name of our porch geese. Did you know that yellow is the color of friendship? Make sure to send your bestie some yellow roses – I know it's too late this month, but National Friends Day (totally different) is August 4th, so you can get a head start. :)

I think this month’s set is a fun nod to a bunch of different symbolism for the month of June! The twin skeins can be a nod to Gemini, the Twins, as well as the idea of ~twin flames~. I appreciate the pastel sort-of rainbow we have going on and the color symbolism, especially of flowers, during the month of Pride. I hope y’all enjoy the set this month as much as I do! I think they would make a fun cowl (either striping it or maybe the Soundtrack cowl to fade into each other), but it could also be a fun set of mismatched socks. You could probably even get two sets of socks out of the skeins of the fingering weight and make a pair to match!

GLADYS is a tonal yellow yarn with a splash of green and brown speckles. CHESTER is a baby blue, pink and purple variegated yarn. 


Chester Sock half skeins: 75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon, 2ply yarn, 231 yds per half skein
Minnie DK half skein: 100% Superwash Merino, 4 ply yarn, 116 yards per half skein