by Dye Mad Yarns


Mabon! The fall equinox! It is our second harvest festival, with Lughnasadh being the first and Samhain being the third. You could think of it like a pagan Thanksgiving. 

Mabon was named after the ancient Welsh hero named Mabon ap Modron, which means Son of Mother, was given as a name to the autumnal equinox in the 1970s as part of the Wiccan practice and reconstructed paganism. 

The autumnal equinox has been celebrated in lots of different cultures - you could consider Oktoberfest (typically celebrated the last week of September) as a celebration of the mid-harvest. Apples are a common symbol of Mabon, so celebrate with apple pie, apple cider, apple picking. Grapes and cornucopias are also common symbols, so eat, drink, and be merry! 

With the equal light and day, the autumnal equinox is also a good time to reflect on bringing balance into your life. It's also a good time to refresh and clear out your home, and get ready to hibernate for winter. Maybe you're someone who thinks spring is the best time to clean, but it's definitely fall in my house.

Our Mabon yarn is representative of the colors of the harvest - rich orange, warm carmine, splashes of olive and mahogany, and a finish of apple green. Warm, but muted (to some degree)


Hattie Floof: 50g, 459 yards, 72% mohair/28% silk (lace weight)
Chester Sock: 100g, 437 yards, blend of 75% superwash merino/25% nylon
Gladys Shawl: 100g, 438 yards, single ply blend of 70% superwash merino/30% silk
Tortie Sport: 100g, 287 yards, 80% alpaca/20% silk
Minnie DK: 100g, 246 yards, 100% superwash merino wool 
Genny Worsted: 100g, 191 yards, 80% superwash merino/20% alpaca
Chubby Trevor: 115g, 136 yards, 100% superwash merino
Chunky Trevor: 100g, 76 yards, 80% superwash merino/20% nylon, single ply