March '23 YOTM: March Hare

by Dye Mad Yarns


MARCH HARE is inspired by the old school drawings from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Ashley finds these drawings creepy, which… valid. They are. I can’t say why I wanted to do the March hare for March, but it seemed like we might as well.

The color is a very rustic, warm orange, almost rorange, and most of the skeins this month are on a custom blend of Merino and Romney wool with a touch of nylon. It is not super wash, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your projects for it! 

Ashley & I had a lovely time dyeing this color up for you and to be honest, I’d love to do more dyeing of rustic and non-super wash blends. I think they create the most gorgeous tonals (which is where I think they really shine). 


Romney Sock: 60% Merino Wool/30% Romney Wool/10% Nylon