September '21 YOTM: Sapphire

by Dye Mad Yarns


September's Yarn of the Month is all about the LUXURY baby! September is my birthday month, which makes me a Virgo and we love the finer things in life. Not only is September's color of the month a rich, deep sapphire blue (September's birth stone), but it is on a brand new luxe base that is a blend of camel and silk. Perfect for drapey shawls or luxurious close-to-the-skin knits. 

Updated version of this yarn can be found here


LUXE LACE: 65% superwash merino/20% silk/15% yak, 872 yards.

LUXE SOCK: 50% silk/50% camel, 438 yards. **discounted because the remaining four skeins are closer to a navy than a royal tonal blue. 
LUXE DK: 70% camel/30% silk, 242 yards.