The Star

by Dye Mad Yarns


With February, comes Imbolc, the hint of Spring's return, and the Star! 

In most interpretations of the Star card, it shows a naked woman kneeling at the edge of a pool. She is pouring water out of containers from both hands, one into pool, and one onto the ground (which then flows back to the pool). Our individual decks at the shop vary - Bryce has a frog floating in a pool with a large star in the background (Rust Belt Arcana), Kelley has Sara (Over the Garden Wall) and quilt block star (Stitcher's Tarot), Chelsea has a yellow and blue cat with star eyes (Weird Cat Tarot), and Ashley's has the most traditional card, but she's holding balls of yarn instead of water (Yarn Tarot). 

The Star is generally a great card to pull, especially if it comes after the Tower. Like Imbolc, it brings with it a renewed sense of hope and faith. It is often tied to purpose, renewal, and spirituality. There's a certain magic around the Star card, a sense of connection and Being. 

Reversed, the Star can mean a lack of faith, despair, self-doubt and disconnection. It could be encouraging you to take time to do self-care and reconnect with yourself, or it could symbolize a lack of faith in the universe, or disengagement. Maybe feeling a bit uninspired and restlessness. 

Ultimately, the Star is a card about hope and connection. It represents Aquarius in the western Zodiac and is considered an air card (yes, it's weird that the water bearer is an air card). Aquarius is the humanitarian sign of the Zodiac, a balance of the needs of the self versus the needs of society. The Star asks us, are we one with ourself and therefore one with the universe, or are we disconnected? How can we reengage, find faith, and renewal? 

There's an inner peace implied with the Star, which will be questioned as we move into the Moon next month!

Our Star yarn is a peaceful but fun blend of pastel blue, coral, purple, and finished with neon yellow and midnight blue speckles. 


Chester Mini Skein: 20g, 87 yards, 75% super wash merino/25% nylon
Hattie Floof: 50g, 459 yards, 72% mohair/28% silk (lace weight)
Chester Sock: 100g, 437 yards, blend of 75% superwash merino/25% nylon
Gladys Shawl: 100g, 438 yards, single ply blend of 70% superwash merino/30% silk
Adelaide MCN: 100g, 437 yards, 80% super wash fine merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon
Tortie Sport: 100g, 287 yards, 80% alpaca/20% silk
Minnie DK: 100g, 246 yards, 100% superwash merino wool 
Genny Worsted: 100g, 191 yards, 80% superwash merino/20% alpaca
Chubby Trevor: 115g, 136 yards, 100% superwash merino
Chunky Trevor: 100g, 76 yards, 80% superwash merino/20% nylon, single ply
Summer Fingering: 65% silk/35% linen, 115g skein, approximately 438 yards
Summer DK: 65% silk/35% linen, 115g skein, approximately 246 yards
Summer Worsted: 65% silk/35% linen, 115g skein, approximately 181 yards
Piper Fiber: 85% Polwarth Wool/15% Tussah Silk, approximately 4oz braid of fiber for spinning, felting, etc