Cat Hat

Cat Hat!



One skein of any color yarn, worsted weight 

H hook

Tapestry needle


Stitches/Abbreviations Used

dc - double crochet

fpdc - front post double crochet (video)

bpdc - back post double crochet (video)

hdc - half double crochet

sc - single crochet

inc - increase (two dc in one stitch)

sl st - slip stitch

ch - chain 

*repeat around what is in the asterisks* 




1. Either magic ring, then 12 dc or ch 4 then 12 dc into 3rd ch from hook. Pull tight. Sl st to join.

2. Inc around (24), sl st to join

3. *dc in next stitch, then inc* (36) sl st to join.

4. *dc in next two stitches, then inc* (48) sl st to join

5. *dc in next three stitches, then inc* (60) sl st to join

6. dc around

7. *dc in next four stitches, then inc* (72) sl st to join.

I usually stop increasing at this row because I like my hats a little snug. My head is 21 inches around, so if it's snug on me and you have a bigger head, you might want to do another row ;)

8 (optional). *dc in next five stitches, then inc* (84) sl st to join.

9. Continue dc around until hat reaches desired length. I typically stop when it covers the tip top of my ears. 

10 - 13. *fpdc, bpdc around, then sl st to join* around for three or so rows, until you're satisfied with the ribbing of the hat. 


Ears (Make two)

These are done in the round.

1. ch 3, then 6 hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Pull tight.

2. hdc around

3. hdc inc around (12)

4. hdc around

5. *hdc in next stitch, then hdc inc* (18)

6. hdc around

7. *hdc in next two stitches, then hdc inc* (24)

8. sc around.

9. Close up the ear. Make sure you have it situated where when it's closed up, it's a nice triangular cat ear. Stick your crochet hook through your stitch, and the stitch on the other side, then sc on top of that stitch. I've included the pictures from my narwhal pattern to illustrate it a bit further.

Closing up





10. Leave a LONG tail so you can sew the ears to the hat! 


A tip on sewing the ears to the hat: Put the hat on your head, look into a mirror, and pinch where you think the ears would look the best. Pull off your hat, keeping your hands pinched, and sew the ears to where you pinched. Hooray cat ear hat! :)

Cat Hat