Finn's Hat - Ereader cover

The other day, I decided I wanted to make a cover for my nook that didn't have to come completely off while I was reading, so I made one like this. It's modeled after Finn's hat from Adventure Time. 

This pattern isn't really so much a pattern so much as it is a guideline. It can be adapted to a kindle or nook touch pretty easily. Regardless, here's how I made my cover.


One skein of white yarn, DK weight (You could use worsted just fine, I just happened to have DK on hand)

H hook

yarn needle


-Chain stitch about as wide as your e-reader is (maybe a stitch or two short).

-Half-double crochet across, and continue doing so until you have a panel that is almost as wide and as tall as your e-reader. Make sure it's not any bigger, because you want it to fit snugly. I included a picture of the cover it by itself.

-In your last stitch, start single crocheting in the round - go up the sides of your panel. At the corners, do a decrease. Continue crocheting in the round until you are satisfied with how much it covers.

-Finish your cover part by slip stitching the last round.


Ears (make two).

1. slip stitch, chain two, then six single crochet in second chain from hook. 

2. increase around (12 stitches)

3. One single crochet, then increase (x3) (15 stitches)

4. Single crochet around until you have the desired length of ears for your hat-cover.

5. Attach to cover! 


Finn's Hat - Ereader cover